Welcome to my website! Here is a collection of websites I have made. Old and new websites! Do you need an e-mail address at macare.eu? Please contact me! Free mail if your last name is Macaré.

Web design

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Project One

Website for B.O.S. - Busservice b.v. This site is not yet online, just in designphase.

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Project Two

The previous website for Dierenpension Gastelsveer.

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Project Three

Indische Vereniging Koempoelen, the site for Indonesian people in Zeeland, The Netherlands

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Project Four

Indonesian catering from Parigata. This site is not yet online.

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Project Five

Current website of B.O.S. - Bus Onderdelen Service b.v. Note it's really outdated :)

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Project Six

Maasstad Multimedia quitted the services, however if you need service, call me.

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Project Seven

New website for Dierenpension Gastelsveer. Jaap and Coby restart their business January 1st 2017! Due to Packleaders bad management the start will be delayed...

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Project Eight

This could be your site! Please mail me for information and pricing!

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